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Consult Home Doctor For Diet Plan

Consult Home Doctor For Diet Plan

Today our modern society is facing a huge burden of chronic diseases – when on one hand we are talking about diversification and globalization at the same time we are fighting with foreign health ailments as well.

The Home doctors in Brisbane often encourage their patients to change their life style to have better health but they sometimes overwhelm themselves with numerous diet plans. Therefore, the home doctors are recommending two diet plans, which should be followed for at least six months to see the results.

First diet plan is the paleo diet, which focuses on the food habit of human-gatherer ancestors. In this diet plan, you could eat whole food, lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds but you can’t eat processed foods, sugar, dairy and grains. People could experience significant weight loss following this diet and in addition this diet plan helps to control high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes but this diet excludes micronutrients and other nutritious food elements from the plan.

The second diet plan recommended by the home doctors is the keto diet, which focuses on burning stored body fat for energy. Many people go for intermittent fasting while following the keto diet, where you have to skip breakfast and maintain 8 hours of feeding period with next 16 hours of fasting. This diet plan is effective for weight loss, diabetes 2 depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but people with diabetes 1 should not follow the keto diet because of associated metabolic disorders.

The most important factor of diet change is sticking to the diet plan for a long time. However, it not necessary that one diet plan that suits one person would suit another person as well and it has been reported that 54% of diet change plans fail after resolutions.

This is because of Biology of digestion, where some of the undigested diet products are known to “turn on” certain genes in the body resulting an inclination of your system towards chronic diseases.

For example, two people respond differently to genestein, a chemical component of soy, where one person might control the weight issue while the other might gain weight. Therefore, one can’t predict that a particular diet would fit all.

For patients who are not showing desirable results, the 247 doctors in Brisbane are encouraging to follow a hybrid diet, which is a combination of the American diet consisting of fats and refined carbs, the Mediterranean diet consisting of high fiber and red wine extract, and keto diet consisting of high protein and least carbs.

It is important that you consult home visit doctors before sticking to a particular diet so that you could consume proper amount and type of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in your diet.

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