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Bulk Billed Doctor Service in Brisbane

Bulk Bill Doctor Service

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When your regular GP is closed patients will no longer have to worry about looking for a Doctor After Hours because 247 Doctor services are fully Bulk-Billed, which means you can now receive treatment from the after-hours services of  bulk billed doctors in Brisbane.

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Bulk- Billed Doctors - For A Convenient Treatment

Bulk billing is a payment alternative under the Medicare system of universal health insurance in Australia. It covers a prescribed range of health services as listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule, at the discretion of the health service provider. 247 Doctor is a AGPAL accredited after-hours medical deputising service. Our service is fully bulk billed for patients with a Medicare, DVA, or OSHC. Card. There are no additional charges. We provide After Hours home medical care to families in servicing suburbs. You and your family are covered at any time after normal opening hours by our experienced doctors in Brisbane.

Your bulk billing doctors in Brisbane are registered by the best medical institutions in Australia and trained to provide medical assistance at home or by *Telehealth consultation. We've got a team of doctors who will be immediately available at your service, and we assure you of the best service during and after the treatment.

How to Contact the Bulk Billed Doctors?

Reaching the bulk billed doctors is simple - Call us on 1800 247 477 to talk to one of our consultants, who will take your details and book in your visit. You can also download our app and book via your phone. You will be given an estimated arrival time. When the doctor is on his way to you, you will receive a call from the Doctor's driver to inform you of the arrival time.