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Home Doctor – Book a house doctors in Brisbane

Taking the patient to the doctor may not always be possible which is why the services of the house doctors are crucial.

Home Visiting Doctors - The Service

The house doctors in Brisbane are available at the service of the patients within as less as 30 minutes. The patients will be treated by home doctors under any of the following cases:

  • Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Minor wounds and lacerations that may require suturing
  • Gastro and Vomiting
  • Back and Shoulder Pain
  • Severe pain
  • Children's and Adults Fevers
  • Rashes, etc.

Home doctors in Brisbane play a crucial role in the treatment of patients because they responsibly take care of the health and recovery of the patients – from the initial checkup and test phase to providing them the medical prescription.

Reaching the House Doctors in Brisbane

Appointments with the home doctors in Brisbane can be done in any of the following two ways -

  • General Appointments: For general appointments, you can call give a call to the doctors on 800 247 477. A consult will talk to you and note your details so a doctor can be immediately sent to your place with all the medical facilities that you could need.
  • Online Appointments: For online appointments with the house doctors in Brisbane you are required to fill in a form available on the website.