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How Home Doctors Plan To Cure Asthma Attack

How Home Doctors Plan To Cure Asthma Attack

How Home Doctors Plan To Cure Asthma Attack

Asthma is a chronic condition which affects the respiration of the patient and the patient experience difficulty in breathing air in and out of the lungs. The severity of asthma varies from mild to severe and fatal and from asymptomatic to symptomatic, affecting 11% of Australians. Asthma is prevalent in boys aged 0-14 years while it is reported to be prevalent in girls aged ≥15 years.

The 247 Doctors equipped for asthma care and assessments and as well as for prescription refills demands. The condition of asthma and the related comorbidities exert $28 billion economic burdens in the Australian economy with 1 in 5 asthma patient has a written asthma action plan. Due to this current situation, the family home doctors believe in proper education of parents and caregivers of children with asthma so that attacks of asthma could be tackled and normal life activities could be restored.

The symptoms of asthma such as shortness of breath or laboured breath with a wheezing or whistling sound, or coughing occurs mainly due to either of the two reasons:

(1) Constriction of the air passage or bronchoconstriction.

(2) The inflammation of air passage.

Asthma could be categorized into four main types such as:

(1) Atopic is triggered by certain foods, pollens, home dust or mites, and/or certain animal fur.

(2) Non-atopic asthma occurs suddenly in a patient without any family history, could be triggered by respiratory infections.

(3) drug induced asthma, for example, aspirins and other painkillers induce the asthmatic symptoms in certain susceptible people, which is reported in 30-40% of the cases.

(4) occupational asthma, which is caused by when is a person is exposed to certain chemicals or fumes for a long time and it comprises 15% of the asthma cases.

Management of asthma is complex due to overlapping symptoms with other health problems and moreover, there is no cure for asthma and therefore, 247 home visit doctors believe in a properly written action plan for each of the asthmatic people. However, in reality, only 1 in 5 asthmatic people have a written action plan prescribed by their doctor.

The home doctors would prescribe a personalized asthma action plan based on the severity of the condition, where the plan would use the “traffic light signal rules” for example, urgent care for the patient would be written in red. The plan covers the complete dosage of the preventer medications, how to respond when the patient is under asthmatic attack, when to start the oral corticosteroids, and how to reach medical assistance during an asthmatic emergency.

In addition, the 247 Brisbane doctors urge their every asthma patient and their caregivers to realize that avoiding the asthma triggers is the key to tackle this health condition and to lead a normal life.

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