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How 247 Doctors Manage Low Back Pain Of Patients ?

How 247 Doctors Manage Low Back Pain Of Patients ?

The lower back is the most common form of pain in the population and if not managed properly could become severe and could be associated with future disabilities. The doctor facilitates the primary care and management of lower back pain by having a specific questionnaire that diagnoses the exact trigger spot.

The 247 Doctors who are involved in the management of the lower back pain, implement a three-staged management protocol-monotherapy, multidisciplinary therapy, and reductionism. In monotherapy, pain medication such an as NSAIDs or opioids are given at low dose followed by a maintenance dose given at fixed intervals and sometimes a combination therapy of muscle relaxant is also administered for quicker recovery. In addition, the doctors in Brisbane also prescribe other monotherapies such as injections into the trigger spots, traction, acupuncture, magnet therapy, massage, back strengthening exercises.

In the second stage of pain management or in multidisciplinary therapy, the patient is given a combination of various back and core exercises, behavioural therapy, and education about the pain. It is evident that low back pain exercises reduce adhesion and muscle degeneration by increasing the blood circulation in the lumbar region. Patients are kept under intensive rehabilitation and are trained about proper postures such as comfortably rising from the bed or properly sitting while working on the workstation. In addition, the psychological conditions of the patients are also monitored intensively because it has been reported that patients who have pain related fear or anxiety or patients who are struggling with clinical depression tend to take more time to heal.

In these conditions, the patients go through the interventions with an appointed psychologist about how to deal with their anxiety. The final stage of the management of low back pain is reductionism, where the doctors give target specific treatment for recurrent pain, for example, patients with zygapophysial joint pain get pain relief by using the radiofrequency medial branch neurotomy not just by pain medications and physiotherapy.

The rationale for the low back pain management at the 247 Doctor medical centre is a long-term relief, in which the key is the proper diagnosis and locating the exact trigger spot on the lumbar region. The Home Doctors in Brisbane strongly advises patients with low back pain to follow an active lifestyle with proper strengthening exercises.

If the pain persists even after the administration of NSAIDs and opioids, patient’s medical history along with the patient’s co-morbid conditions such as depression would be evaluated again for potential etiologies or red flags.

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