247 Doctor

After Hours Home Doctor Services in Chatswood Hills

Springwood and Chatswood hills are neighboring suburbs in the Logan city of Australia.

In this area of Logan city, our teams of DP doctors are highly certified in providing top medical services to the local community. Both male and female doctor with good experience and highly qualified are dedicated to offering people best service they can provide. Facility of after hour's doctor services in Chatswood hills can be easily availed as the doctor’s offer a range of medical service to entire localities. Also, you can see doctors for most non-urgent medical conditions. Whatever the situation and problem are, our dedicated teams of doctors are available to offer after-hours service.

Few of the health issues require an after-hours doctor’s service. Calling doctor’s at home means you can avail the treatment immediately in your home comfort. In the chats wood hills area, the health care service provides treatment for many conditions which includes:

  • Gastro
  • Fevers in children and adults
  • Cold and Flu symptoms
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Ear and Eye problems
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Lacerations and wound suturing
  • Other non-emergency conditions

After hours doctor booking time: You can easily book your appointment at the below mention times as per the days.

  • Monday–Friday (overnight service)
    • *6 pm – 8 am following day
  • Saturday (day/night service)
    • *12 pm – 8 am following day
  • Sunday (day/night service)
    • *8 Pm – 8 am following day
  • Public Holidays
    • *24-hour service

247 doctor service appointment booking process:

As soon as you book your appointment, our GP will visit you as soon as possible. You will get a call from the physician when he will be on his way, to ensure the time frame.

  • On major cases, doctor’s are on patient’s home within 2 hours of the call.
  • If required our after-hours doctors will also provide a starter pack of common medication, just to start the treatment on initial stage.

We majorly provide started pack of medication to the patients if required to start the treatment. Also we have a bulk billing process.