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Sunnybank and Calamvale were once famous for their Market Gardens. The fertile soil in the area made it especially suited to growing vegetables and fruit. The Market gardens have now disappeared and now Sunnybank and Calamvale is home to Families and Retirees. Sunnybank has a large Asian population and this is reflected by the many fantastic Asian Restraunts and shops in the area..

247 AFTER Hours Doctor Service in Sunnybank and Calamvale

247 Doctor is a fully accredited and established after hours home visiting doctor service that has been operating for many years in Brisbane. Our service is at the forefront of after-hours care in Brisbane– providing a high quality and reliable service in your home. We have three dedicated GPs in the Sunnybank area who are ready to visit you in your own home.

247 After Hours doctor service operates this way:

Patients who are sick or infirmed can ring our call centre and book a visit.

We take calls from everyone – people who have a Medicare or Veterans Affairs Card are bulk billed so the service is free. International tourists are charged a call out fee which can be claimed on travel insurance.

Once the call centre receptionists have booked the call it is sent out to our doctor.

The after-hours doctor attend the calls.

The patient is treated and we offer a range of services.

The doctor’s bags have a supply of common medications so if the chemists are shut or the patient finds it difficult to leave the house the doctors can leave them with a starter pack.

The doctors can order blood tests or x-rays.

Once the consultation has concluded the doctor writes the clinical notes for the consultation.

The clinical notes are then forwarded onto the patient’s daytime GP (If subscribed to our service) so they are kept informed about the treatment you have received.

People who are disabled, elderly or are without transport can have much easier access to primary health care.

We can help by administrating treatment so you do not need to wait for hours at Hospital Accident & Emergency departments.

Single parents can have their child or themselves attended to after hours without having to take the whole family out of the house.

Patients can wait in the comfort of their own house for a doctor to attend to them.

By keeping patients out of waiting rooms we help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


How much does the service cost?

The service is completely bulk billed – as long as you have a Medicare card or DVA card the service is free!

 When can I book a doctor to come out to my house?

We work right through the after-hours period. From 6.00pm Weekdays with bookings from 4.00pm and 12.00pm Saturdays with bookings from 10.00am, right through to 8.00am Monday morning, and 24 hours on public



How long does it take for a doctor to come see me?

This depends on how busy we are on the night. We aim to see all patients within 2 hours; however we can usually attend to you in a much shorter time than this! There are times however when call numbers are high, which is mainly in the winter cold and Flu season and you may wait a little longer for the Doctor.

 What if I don’t have a Medicare card?

If you don’t have a Medicare card we can still see you, but there is a charge for this service. Please check with the Call Centre by ringing FREECALL 1800 247 477 to discuss. 

Can I book a doctor for tomorrow or next week?

The provision of after-hours service is governed by Medicare regulations, which do not allow us to take the bookings beyond today. If you would like to book a call for the future you will need to ring on that day.

 Can I get a script?

Yes, our doctors can write you a script. Our doctor will assess you and supply you with the prescription as necessary. Our doctors also carry a large number of commonly used medications that can be offered to you as a starter pack should you not be able to get to the pharmacy straight away.


What if I can’t get to a chemist/pharmacy?

 Our doctors carry some commonly used medications and dressings with them that they may dispense if you require medication for the evening and following morning.

Can I make a booking for more than one person?

Yes. We will need the name, date of birth and Medicare number for each person.

I am an Overseas Student- Can I see the Doctor at no cost.

If you have OSHC Insurance through- Medibank-NIB-or Allianz then we will directly bill the Provider. There is no cost to you.


How do I book a Visit?

You can book your visit by calling FREECALL 1800 247 477 and one of our operators will book your visit.

You can also download our App and book or request a call back.

You can go to and book online or request a call back.



 ASK about our NEW Prescription at Home service, where you are able to receive the FULL prescription of commonly prescribed medications from the Doctor at the same cost you would pay at a Pharmacy. Just ask the Doctor to see if you qualify.

Conditions we treat:

We treat all common non- emergency conditions including:

  • Gastro
  • Fevers
  • Colds and Flu symptoms
  • Ear and Eye infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Back and Neck pain
  • Lacerations and wounds that require suturing
  • And many other conditions
  • Medical Certificates

We do not treat emergencies and if you are experiencing an emergency you should call 000 immediately for prompt treatment.