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After Hours Home Doctor Services in St Lucia

St Lucia

St Lucia

St Lucia is one of the most affluent suburbs within the city of Brisbane. There are numerous high rise buildings overlooking the river. It was originally part of Indooroopilly and later Toowong. A very wealthy community with a median age of 23 years. One of the main attractions at St Lucia is one of the oldest Golf courses that has hosted many Queensland Open and  PGA tournaments.

Booking times:

Monday to Friday : 6-12 midnight

Saturday : 12 noon -midnight

Sunday and public holidays : 24 hours

247 after-hours home doctors

Our team of after-hours doctors can treat a range of non-life threatening cases. Any emergency should go directly to the Emergency department or call 000.

Having an after-hours doctor attend to you at your home, prevents you from further infection - contacting any other people within hospital waiting rooms. 247 doctors are professional and polite. They bring a high standard of care and skill to the after-hours visit, be it for a child or granny ill in bed, the service our doctors deliver is a testimony to the quality of care we stand for.

All after-hours bookings are bulk billed and also cover international students who have private health cover.

247 after-hours doctors are all fully registered and covered by with the AHPRA. Patients need to ensure they have valid Medicare cards to avoid being charged. We accept Medicare, DVA and OHSHC cards

How your booking works;

  • Call booked using the App, our website or a phone call
  • Call is screened, a decision is made by the call taker whether it is an emergency or non-emergency
  • Based on finding – caller is informed to call 000 or the after-hours doctor is dispatched to you
  • The after-hours doctor sends the patient an sms that he is on his way with an estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Doctor arrives at your home and treats you and issues you with medication as required.
  • Patients signs the necessary documentation as proof of being consulted and treated.
  • All findings and notes documented are stored within the app for record purposes.
  • Doctor leaves and is available for his next case.

Delays are not uncommon for several reasons; however, you will be notified accordingly. If the patient’s condition changes, notify 247 after-hours call centre that you would like to cancel the booking and immediately call 000 or we would be more than happy to assist by calling 000 ono your behalf.

What can our after-hours doctors treat

  • We strongly emphasize that we are an after-hours doctor service, therefore we are only allowed to attend to non-emergencies (any case that is not life threatening) such as Asthma, chest pain, broken limbs, overdose and temperature of
    38 degrees and above.) These are just a few, however all calls are screened and you will be notified immediately to reduce any further delay if there is any concern in relation to your booking.
  • Quality assurance and clinical governance is of a high caliber within 247 doctors and we take our patients very seriously. We want the best outcome for you and will not compromise your health!
  • 247 doctors will treat any condition that is not life threatening and requires invasive treatment.

Booking an after-hours appointment with 247 doctors;

You can book by one of 3 ways

  • 247 Mobile App
  • 247-doctor website:
  • Toll free: 1800 247 477 or direct line : 07 3123 4818
    • Calls are received via any one of the above booking methods
    • Once your call had been received, screened and booked into the system
    • All non-emergency calls will be attended to
    • Life threatening calls – callers will be notified to call 000 or take the patient to an emergency department. This is done in the best interest of the patient for a good outcome.
    • Delays are expected during peak times and you will be notified accordingly.
    • There are various reasons we have delays; - infants, children and the elderly who take precedence over any other case.
    • you have called for an after-hours doctor to attend to a non-life threatening injury or illness, therefore please be patient, however if the patient’s condition changes, call 000 and notify us as well out of courtesy to cancel the booking. By calling us, you are also assisting us in getting a doctor to the next booking in good time.


Thinking of joining the St Lucia 247 doctor team?

Why not try something different and exciting. 247 after-hours doctor service has a strong emphasis work and business ethics.

Patient care is the reason we strive to offer the best service we can.

Having a doctor from in and around Mount Coot-tha is a positive in itself in that you are familiar with the location and it might also be some of your own patients that you would treat after-hours. I’m sure that would comfort and reassure your patients knowing they are being treated by their own physician.

To other doctors not from the area, we still encourage you to apply. Improving patient’s health will improve their wellbeing. Making an impact in people’s lives is what we strive for. 247 after-hours service wants to be the service to be reckoned with.

247 After-hours service would love to welcome all applicants who would like to apply to take the opportunity of applying to join the team at Mount Coot-tha. There are full and part time shifts available.

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