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After Hours Home Doctor Services in Holmview


Holmview is a suburb of Logan city municipality situated South West of Brisbane. Most of the suburb is natural vegetation and the northern part of Holmview is where the rail link passes through the suburb was only given its name in 1987 after originally being part of Browns Plains. It is geographically located west to Browns Plains. Not much of an historical town apart from the Wineglass water tower which sits on the hill and is visible for many kilometers at night when lit up.

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Monday through to Friday: 6 o clock – 12 -midnight

Saturday : midday -midnight

Sunday : 24 hrs

Public holidays : 24 hrs

247 after hours home doctors

Our fully qualified 247 Doctors will treat and subscribe medication to you in the comfort of your home. There is no need to stand in queues at hospitals or cause any inconvenience to your and your family by leaving your home seeking a medical consultation.

@47 doctors are all registered with the AHPRA and have the ability of treating all non-emergency trauma and medical related illnesses, bringing a new dimension of after-hours doctor service to your door.

All consultations are Bulk Billed, meaning you will not need to fork out any money at all. You would need to however have a valid Medicare, DVA or OHSHC card

From the time your call is made, a doctor will be at your door within a reasonable time, failing which you will be notified of any delay timeously.

Our doctors also have a starter pack of medications which could be requested saving you the time once again from leaving your home while still unwell.

What conditions are treated by 247 Doctor - After-Hours GP’s

  • Any condition that is not life threatening will be treated in your home.

Life threatening emergencies such as chest pains, broken limbs, shortness of breath, overdose cases will not be seen by 247 doctors. It will be wise to call 000 immediately.

Infants and children with temperatures above 38 degrees, with severe diarrhoea and vomiting accompanied by dehydration will need to be taken to the ED or call 000

All patient treatment will be sent to your regular GP the following day.

Booking an after-hours appointment with 247 doctors

You can book by one of 3 ways

  • 247 App
  • 247-doctor website
  • Toll free call

Once your call had been received, screened and booked into the system, provided your call is not life threatening, a doctor will be assigned to respond to your location as requested.

Delays are expected during peak times and you will be notified or the delay accordingly. It’s our policy to keep all patients informed of any delay caused as you are valued and appreciated. We do give priority to infants, children and the elderly, so please be patient and remember that you have called for a doctor to attend to a non-life threatening injury or illness, however if for any reason your condition changes, call 000 and notify us as well out of courtesy. It would be much appreciated.

The 247 doctor will arrive at your door, treat your condition, issue you with a pre-pack medical treatment and advice. All your medical history and treatment will be put into the 247 app which is highly confidential and your records could be automatically viewed by your regular GP at his convenience.

Why should you want to choose 247 after – hours doctor service in Holmview

We are 100% bulk billed- ensure you have your Medicare, DVA or private health card/ documents at hand when booking. Ensure the correct numbers are placed in your booking with expiry dates and names all correct.

The doctor will attend to you no matter where you are. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in your home. It could be at a caravan park, theme park, in your car should roads be inaccessible or truck on the side of the road, provided it is safe for our doctors and for you. We will come to you!! These are the extreme cases, however generally we come to your home. There is no need for you to leave your home after-hours to seek medical attention for any non-life threatening illness or injury. 247 Doctor has dedicated doctors willing to treat you where ever you are; in an aged care facility, your home, a motel, a hotel, caravan park- a 247 doctor will come to you!!

Once you have been treated by the 247 doctor, your regular GP will be updated in full.

Thinking of joining the Holmview 247 doctor team?

Improving the quality of service delivery is by reducing wait times and seeing as many patients as we can, providing quality treatment and at the same time meeting all your needs according to strict guidelines adhered to. We want to change the mindset of our local communities. By having an efficient and professional 247 doctor available after-hours in your suburb will mean a more healthy, prosperous and active community.

If you are one of those doctors who would like to make a change to a suburb such as Holmview, feel free to let us know. There are full and part time shifts available now.

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