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After Hours Home Doctor Services in Heritage Park

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a suburb within the City of Logan. It has a population of approximately 5000 people. 80% of the population within Heritage Park were born in Australia with a small percentage of foreign immigrants to the area.

After-hours service

Make the call for an after- hours doctor to your door;
Monday to Friday: 06 in the evening to midnight
Saturday : midday to midnight

Sunday : all day /night

Public holidays : all day and night

What can you expect from your consultation

  • 247 after-hours Doctor service has very high standards and values our patients immensely.
  • Our GP’s are well seasoned professions who take their work very seriously. They are all registered with The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA)
  • 247 after-hours doctors can treat all non-threatening emergencies
  • 100% Bulk Billed, provided you have a Medicare , DVA or OSHC card.
  • We get to your door within 2 hours of the booking
  • Prescription starter pack of medications available (conditions apply)

What can 247 after-hours doctors treat;

  • throat infections
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Eye irritation and infections
  • diarrhea and vomiting
  • minor injuries such as sprains and minor lacerations
  • Flu symptoms
  • Postoperative wound care
  • skin irritation and rash
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Wound Care

What happens when you book an appointment with 247 doctor;

Your call will be received by an efficient call taker who will receive the necessary information, triage your call, notify you if he/she deems it to be an emergency or book you in immediately for one of the 247 doctors to see you as soon as possible.

The doctor will receive the dispatch information on his phone and will head off in your direction.  The after-hours doctor is at most times accompanied by a chaperone. They work together as an efficient team.

You could expect delays due to bad weather or during a busy time more so when there is an outbreak such as measles or the flu, so please be patient. You will nevertheless be notified at random intervals of the wait time via sms or a call from our call centre.

Since all calls are triaged, priority will also be given to infants and the elderly. One other delay that might also come up is the instance a call is in the same vicinity as the current case the doctor is attending to. It is only common sense to attend to that case and then move on.

If the patient’s condition worsens for whatever reason, it would be wise to call the control centre to cancel the booking and call 000 to have the patient taken to the emergency room for treatment. 247 after-hours doctor service will not attend to emergencies.

The 247 after-hours doctor will treat your condition, and give you the necessary advice.

Your entire booking history will be sent to your regular GP to keep his records updated accordingly.

Why choose 247 after – hours doctor service in Heritage Park

We are 100% bulk billed- ensure you have your Medicare, DVA or private health card/ documents at hand when booking. Ensure the correct numbers are placed in your booking with expiry dates and names all correct.

The doctor will attend to you no matter where you are. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in your home. It could be at a caravan park, theme park, in your car should roads be inaccessible or truck on the side of the road, provided it is safe for our doctors and for you. We will come to you!! These are the extreme cases, however generally we come to your home. There is no need for you to leave your home after-hours to seek medical attention for any non-life threatening illness or injury. 247 Doctor has dedicated doctors willing to treat you in the comfort of your home.

Being ill and waiting in a waiting room with other ill people is more detrimental to your health than a simple booking for an after-hours doctor to visit you at home. You are safe guarding yourself against other susceptible infections out there, therefore make the call now!!

The doctor who has treated you will notify your regular GP of all findings and update him/her on the necessary treatment given and further follow ups if required.

Why not join our team in Heritage Park ?

There is always a need to improve service delivery and one for the ways of doing that is by improving resources to the areas, and here in particular is Heritage Park, an area within the Logan City Council desperately in need for an after-hours deputizing doctor service.

Look no further, 247- after-hours deputizing service will be taking care of all your after-hours needs.  Based on this principle, we are looking for additional doctors who would like to work and explore new avenues. We have full and part time shifts available.

Should you require more information on this employment opportunity, feel free to contact us here Contact Us

Or send through your resume by clicking here