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After Hours Home Doctor Services in Greenbank


Greenbank is a rural residential suburb within Logan city. In the late 1800’s Greenbank concentrated on dairy farming and timber cutting. With a small community Greenbank mostly consists of acreage blocks with an average age of 36 (2011 Census.) and relatively small population of approximately 7500

Greenbank is surrounded by the Greenbank Military Range – which is a registered Heritage Site.
It is also home to the rare black cockatoo kookaburra, blue wren, king fisher honey eaters, owls, koalas, Bearded dragons, legless lizard and water monitors up to 2.5 meters in length has apparently been sited.


Make the call for an after- hours doctor to your door;

Monday to Friday: 18:00 to 08:00

Saturday : 12:00 to 00:00

Sunday : 24 hours

Public holidays : 24 hours

What can you expect from your consultation

247 Doctors, is a professional Medical Deputizing service with a strong medical ethos.

247 Doctors are well trained and offer a very high standard of care.  Our General Practitioners are registered with The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) and can treat all non-threatening emergencies.

There is no out of pocket expense. It is 100% Bulk Billed, provided you have a Medicare , DVA or OSHC card.

Service Delivery – You would reasonably be seen within 2 hours of the call booking. Mackay is a relatively large area with a diverse disease profile and industry portfolio.

A starter pack of medications are also available upon request at the same price you would pay at a pharmacy (conditions apply)

What conditions are treated by 247 Doctor - After-Hours GP’s

  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Muscle pain
  • Eye infections
  • Gastro enteritis
  • Minor lacerations and sprains
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Ear ache
  • Postoperative care
  • Wound care
  • Catheterization

Any Chest pain, children with temperatures above 38 degrees with GE and dehydration will need to be taken to the ED or call 000

All treatment will be professionally and confidentially documented during the after-hours visit and should you require a copy to be sent to your GP for his/her records, it will be done.

When you book an appointment with 247, your call will be received by one of our dedicated and efficient call takers who will receive the necessary information to be dispatched through to one of our friendly doctors.

The doctor will receive your details and along with a chaperone attend to your case within a reasonable timeframe. There are times when either during bad weather, an outbreak of the flu or the odd busy shift, there might be a shift in response times, you will be notified via an sms or phone call to notify you of the delay.

Although all the cases we treat are non-emergencies, calls and online booking are still screened and triaged, meaning that in some instances, there might be one taking priority over the other depending on the circumstance at the time. Another element in a delay would be that a doctor is in a specific area and is driving through a specific neighbourhood where a booking is. It would only be logical to quickly attend to the booking in question. In Most instances, children and the elderly take precedence over all other cases.

Should there be a change in the condition of a patient from the time the booking is being done, please call us back to notify the operator. This would further prevent someone else from experiencing a delay due to a wasted trip to your home.

The 247 doctor will arrive at your door, treat your condition, issue you with a pre-pack medical treatment and advice. All your medical history and treatment will be put into the 247 app which is highly confidential and your records could be automatically viewed by your regular GP at his convenience.

Why should you want to choose 247 after – hours doctor service in Greenbank

We are 100% bulk billed- ensure you have your Medicare, DVA or private health card/ documents at hand when booking. Ensure the correct numbers are placed in your booking with expiry dates and names all correct.

The doctor will attend to you no matter where you are. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in your home. It could be at a caravan park, theme park, in your car should roads be inaccessible or truck on the side of the road, provided it is safe for our doctors and for you. We will come to you!! These are the extreme cases, however generally we come to your home. There is no need for you to leave your home after-hours to seek medical attention for any non-life threatening illness or injury. 247 Doctor has dedicated doctors willing to treat you in the comfort of your home.

Being ill and waiting in a waiting room with other ill people is more detrimental to your health than a simple booking for an after-hours doctor to visit you at home. You are safe guarding yourself against other susceptible infections out there, therefore make the call now!!

The doctor who has treated you will notify your regular GP of all findings and update him/her on the necessary treatment given and further follow ups if required.

Why not join our team in Greenbank

There is always a need to improve service delivery and one fo the ways of doing that is by improving resources to the areas, and here in particular is Greenbank , a regional city in desperate need for an after-hours deputizing doctor service. Well, We brought it to your door, now its our job to keep that momentum going in a constant bid to improve not only our promise to you but also what we stand for “ patients first!!”

Based on this principle, we are looking for additional doctors who would like to work and explore new avenues. We have full  and part time shifts available.

Should you require more information on this employment opportunity, feel free to contact us here Contact Us

Or send through your resume by clicking here