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After Hours Home Doctor Services in Fig Tree Pocket

Fig Tree Pocket

Fig Tree Pocket is located approximately 8 kms south west of the Brisbane CBD. It’s an exclusive riverside suburb with many trees and parks and is known to have some of the most expensive riverfront properties in Queensland.

Booking times:

Monday to Friday : 6 -midnight

Saturday : 12-midnight

Sunday and public holidays : 12- midnight

what can the 247 doctors treat you for

  • Doctors are registered with AHPRA and have full liability cover.
  • We are a deputizing service that is 100% bulk billed.
  • 247 Doctors will treat non-emergency ailments such as flu symptoms, nasal congestion, minor scratches, sprains, rashes, fungal infections, pregnancy tests, eye irritations, catheterization removal and wound care to name a few
  • Shortness of breath, Asthma, vaginal examinations or bleeding, chest pain, broken limbs, overdose and temperature exceeding 38 degrees and above.) These are just a few emergency cases that would need to be seen at the ED.
  • All calls are screened regardless of what method is used to make the booking.
  • You will be notified immediately should a booking be of concern. This will minimize any delay and in the interest of the patient’s welfare and health, lead to a positive outcome.
  • We value the standard and quality of care within 247 after-hours doctors and therefore would not compromise or tarnish that image because of poor clinical judgement or substandard quality assurance.
  • 247 doctors take much pride in our doctors are highly skilled and are also able to consult with patients using the new telehealth facility which is available on your app. This facility allows the doctor to consult with you the patient remotely not needing you to leave the comfort of your home at all. Our doctors are well supported and have full liability cover.
  • 247 doctors are professional and polite. They bring a high standard of care and skill to the after-hours consultation.
  • Bookings are 100% bulk billed and cover international students who have private health cover as well.
  • Patients need to ensure they have valid Medicare, DVA or OHSHC card available (the card or private health cover has not expired.)

How to make a booking with 247 after-hours doctors.

  • Download the doctor App on your phone / iPad
    Select one of the methods you would like to make the booking

    • You could call,
    • Request a call back
    • equest a teleconsult – just click on the tab that will allow you to have a teleconsult with one of our 247 after-hours doctors immediately. Is a video consultation that will allow the doctor to assess and prescribe a script to you via a teleconference consultation.
    • Book now is used to make the online booking yourself by filling in all the necessary information through the app.

    It is extremely user friendly and only a touch of the screen to make your booking!

  • Click on the black tab with white bold print "Book Online"
  • Fill in all the data required and click submit once finished

Book an after hours Doctor

NOTE: Bookings can be made from 4pm Monday - Friday, 10am Saturday and 24hrs Sunday and public holidays.


  • Phone either of the 3 numbers below to make a booking

    Once the booking is complete

  • Call is screened and triaged
  • Call is booked or rejected if within the “emergency category” range.
  • Caller is informed immediately of the outcome.
  • Doctor is dispatched to patient and an sms sent notifying of an estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Patient could expect delays
  • Patient/ caller is notified via a phone call or sms of delay
  • After-hours doctor arrives and treats patient
  • Documentation is entered 247 after-hours app
  • Copy of consultation notes sent to the patients regular GP for his/her records and follow up.
  • Doctor available to attend next booking.

Join the Fig Tree Pocket after-hours 247 doctor’s now

Why not join our Fig Tree Pocket team of doctors to service the Fig Tree Pocket community?

It’s not every day that you have an opportunity to give back. Fig Tree Pocket is a fabulous part of the inner city . 247 After-hours doctor service wants to make a significant impact within this small community sending that there are doctors who are available after-hours to meet their needs- and we are 247-after-hours service.

There are full and part time shifts available.
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