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Know Your Migraine From 247 Doctors

Know Your Migraine From 247 Doctors

Know Your Migraine From 247 Doctors

A migraine is a very common and stressful health problem characterized by throbbing pain on the one side of the head. A migraine has affected almost 3 million Australians and is the 6th leading cause of disability reported by the World Health Organization.

There are 3 types of a migraine – migraine with aura, migraine without aura, and migraine aura without a headache. Doctors suggest that you should consult your family doctor if you have a migraine to get proper medications and management of the ailment. A migraine with aura is reported by 1 in 5 migraine patients and the 24 Hours doctor believe that there are main three possible causes of a migraine with aura, for example, constriction of blood vessels in the brain, hyperexcitability of the nerve cells in the brain, and/or depressed neurological activity on cortex of the brain leading into inflammation of nerve cells in the brain.

A migraine with aura progresses in 4 phases - the 1st phase of a migraine with aura is the premonitory stage, where you would be alerted by your body about an upcoming migraine and you would have symptoms such as a vision of a yellow light, increased food craving, constipation or diarrhea, and stiffness in the neck. The 2nd phase or the aura stage affects your sensory system and you would have symptoms such as visualization of zig-zag lines or sparkles through one eye, numbness or tingling on one side of the face, and troubled speech. The 3rd phase or the headache stage could be mild or severe and could stay for days, the headache could be on one side of the head or on both sides, and you would experience increased sensitivity to sound or light, and/or odours. The 4th phase or the postdrome is like a “hangover” phase where you would feel tired and low after struggling with your headache.

The family home doctors believe that the migraine with aura could be managed if you know your triggers such as stress, unpleasant episode at work or home, bright light, physical exercise such as in intense cardio, sleep changes, hormonal changes, overconsumption of certain food such as cheese, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol, seasonal changes, and/or strong odours. It has been reported that 70% of migraine patients experience a reduction in a migraine with aura attack after managing their triggers. In addition, you could take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to get relief from your pain or you could also consult your doctor for prescription medication, for example, triptan drugs, act as vasoconstrictors and inhibitors of neurotransmitters, beta-blocker drugs act as vasodilators, and anti-depressant drugs.

However, 247 Doctors Brisbane are concerned due to the side effects and poor efficacy of migraine prescription drugs, for example, triptans are linked to heart attack and unsuitable for pregnancy. Therefore, doctors encourage to treat a migraine with managing the triggers, personalized treatment protocols for different patients, and close follow-ups.

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